Three brothers write history in new New Zealand Youth Choir

Three brothers write history in new New Zealand Youth Choir

For the first time in New Zealand Youth Choir (NZYC) history, three Auckland brothers – Benjamin (Tenor), Benedict (Bass) and Benett Tan (Tenor) – have all made it into the new NZYC.

Benjamin, 23, is doing a PhD in engineering at the University of Auckland. Benedict and Benett are 19-year-old twins currently studying at different universities. While Benjamin and Benedict have sung in the last NZYC, it is Benett’s first time with the award-winning national choir.

Older brother Benjamin said they were all absolutely overjoyed to have been selected for the choir. “We grew up with a lot of support from Mum and Dad, and they always encouraged us to pursue our interests. By coincidence, we all enjoyed music! However, due to the age difference between me and the twins of about 4 years, we haven't had a lot of opportunity to be in the same groups.”

Benjamin also said their parents were quite proud, “Especially because they really think that the experience NZYC provides is quite unique. It's such a great opportunity to be able to pursue musical excellence, but also gain so many other skills, like teamwork, communication, and learning about cultures. There's a little bit of worry about the pressure on the wallet, but they've always believed that if we're willing to commit, and if we're really going to get something out of an experience, they'll try their best to back us all the way.

“It's a real privilege singing with so much expertise in front of us. The choir has a world-class music team and to share with and learn from those around us, and to do some repertoire that we just don't get to do in our own centres.”

This new New Zealand Youth Choir can be seen and heard for the first time in Wellington on ANZAC weekend.