Paremata Plimmerton Rugby Football Club receives NZCT grant towards redevelopment project

Paremata Plimmerton Rugby Football Club receives NZCT grant towards redevelopment project

An 8-year journey towards new community facilities at Ngatitoa Domain will soon come to a successful completion for the Paremata Plimmerton Rugby Football Club (PPRFC) thanks to a $100,000 grant from NZCT towards stage 2 of the project.

The club has been wanting to provide a safe multipurpose venue for members and the many and varied community groups that use the domain for some time. Having raised over $400,000, the project is set to be completed in February next year.

PPRFC spokesperson Keryn Martin says that the club is delighted with the result.

“When we found out the funding from NZCT was granted, we felt the project was actually going to happen and happen at a significant level. At one stage we thought we would have to cut our cloth and delay the project by 2-3 years, if not longer. NZCT funding allowed us to see stage 2 become a reality.”

The club rooms have evolved over the last 10 years. No longer are they used solely by the club but are a connection point for the wider community, sporting groups, social occasions and other events. Built in the 1950s, and with changes to the building code and new standards for earthquake resistance, PPRFC and the wider community needed a facility to be proud of.

The club has over 750 members and is one of the largest club memberships in the Wellington area.

“From the 3-5 year olds in nursery grade to the Ngatitoa Jugglers  who are golden oldies team with active members in their 70s, we have a wide age range of club members participating in the game they love. Being a Rugby World Cup year, we expect a 10% growth in the sport for 2020,” says Keryn. “The key to our club is the 100+ volunteers, including committee members, coaches, managers and supporters who support rugby in the community. They show the real strength of the club.”

PPRFC has a proud history and some notable past players, including All Blacks legend Christian Cullen and England cricketer Ben Stokes, who both played for the club as juniors.

Keryn says that NZCT have been incredibly helpful throughout the project.

“NZCT have a great online application process and have provided significant detail regarding the accountability process for the grant. The NZCT Grant Manager visited us 3 years ago, on invitation and gave good advice. We are extremely thankful to NZCT for its continued support.”