NZCT helps improve safety at Hutt Central School

NZCT helps improve safety at Hutt Central School

Principal Michael Gendall and the fundraising team at Hutt Central School were ecstatic when they heard the news that NZCT had approved a grant of $20,000 for their playground project.

The school has identified the need for a safer fall surface underneath its junior and senior playgrounds, as well as a sunshade to protect students from UV exposure.

“We were concerned about the landing area and shade over our playgrounds,” says Michael. “This grant will go a long way to supporting our fundraising so that we can keep our students as safe as possible when playing on our equipment.“

Health and safety is vital at Hutt Central. The school aims to nurture a safe environment where pupils can explore their abilities and talents. The new surfacing will go a long way to achieving this for its students and children from the community who use the playground outside of school hours.

“Without carrying out this work we would continue to have injuries on and around the playgrounds,” says Michael. “The playgrounds would also have limited use in the winter months and during wet weather. In summer we would have to limit the time the playgrounds are used due to increased time of UV exposure.”

Using CoolPlay turf for the project will mean students can use the playground in all weather. It will be laid on the ground under the playground and has layers of foam and rubber shock absorbers that enable the turf to drain water from the playground through the material. The shock absorbers will provide cushioning on landing that will not move or compact.

“The key benefits of this project are that we will have safer falling surfaces for our students that can be used in all weather. Thank you NZCT,” says Michael.

Work will begin on the senior playground initially and then the junior playground as funds become available.