New sailing boat for Hauraki Plains College

New sailing boat for Hauraki Plains College

A very welcome grant for Hauraki Plains College, NZCT donated $15,000 to the school to buy a new sailing boat.

Hauraki Plains College has 700 students from a huge geographical area. That includes Orere Point to Mangatawhiri to Tairua and Patetonga. The school has a long-time tradition in providing extra opportunities for their students beyond the classroom. For example, outdoor education, sport and cultural activities.

Ngaire Harris is the Principal of the Hauraki Plains College. She said: “We have had sailing as an activity of our Year 10 water-based camp at Opoutere. This camp has been organised for 25 years and is still a favourite for students. The original sailing boats we use during the camp are donated or loaned by the school and a long-serving staff member, Mr Bruce Ratcliffe. We also bought some boats a couple of years ago to keep the sailing programme going.”

According to Ngaire, many of those boats are no longer seaworthy. That’s why NZCT’s grant of $15,000 towards a new sailing boat is really welcome. “Without the grant application, it is unlikely we could continue the sailing programme. It is great to see every student who attends Hauraki Plains College has now the opportunity to sail. It is a real thrill for students when they get to sail for the first time and an experience they never forget. The best part about being a Principal is seeing students go confidently into their futures, knowing who they are, what they are here for and where they are going. Sailing, like many of their college years experiences, helps them to be that kind of person,” said Ngaire.