New health and fitness equipment for Kawerau Fitness Community Trust

New health and fitness equipment for Kawerau Fitness Community Trust

Kawerau residents can start the new year healthy and active. NZCT recently awarded Kawerau Fitness Community Trust $8,946 to buy new health and fitness equipment. Thanks to this grant, the Trust can keep health and fitness affordable within the community.

Kawerau Fitness Community Trust was started by a small group of Kawerau residents with a passion for leading a healthier and more active lifestyle. Chairman Zachan Herewini joined the Trust at the beginning. “After our humble start of just meeting at a local field with no equipment or facility, we’ve built an organisation that provides exceptional service. We are maintaining our goal of keeping things affordable while still operating 100% voluntarily.”

Equipment is a crucial resource for a health and fitness community provider. It is used daily and over time needs to be maintained, replaced or upgraded to suit the varying levels of fitness and age groups that attend. Zachan says, “Without the support of funding partners like NZCT these costs would fall onto the participants, or the level of service would be compromised. Our aim has always been to keep health and fitness affordable within our community. We want to provide a great service and facility which elsewhere in other communities can be unaffordable.”

According to Zachan, NZCT’s grant allows the Trust to focus on the next stage of development for their facility and services, such as a fresh coat of paint, highly specialised equipment, and offering more opening hours to the community.