New communication equipment for Poverty Bay Rugby Referees Association

New communication equipment for Poverty Bay Rugby Referees Association

NZCT recently awarded Poverty Bay Rugby Referees Association (PBRRA) $14,704 to buy new communication equipment. The new radios allow the Poverty Bay Referees to provide a better managed and safer environment for rugby players in Poverty Bay.

PBRRA is a volunteer organisation with approximately 25 referees who cover senior rugby matches within the Poverty Bay region. They also have less experienced referees who cover the junior secondary school and primary school grades. PBRRA helps with ensuring that all games are played safely and within the spirit of the game, so proper communication equipment is essential.

Club Secretary David Stevenson said, "PBRRA currently has two sets of communication equipment, but we need to replace them. Thanks to NCZT's grant we can purchase four new sets through which we can cover all our premier grade, regional and developmental games. The new equipment also allows us to provide feedback to our developing referees during game time."

David says every set consists of four radios for the referee, two assistant referees and the substitution controller. "The communication equipment makes judging a match a team approach rather than the majority of decision-making being left to one person. There are expectations on our referees to ensure high standards. These standards continually grow as players and coaches want a professional approach as many players will have the opportunity to earn a living in the sport."

"The communication equipment extends beyond the field as referee coaches can sit on the sidelines listening to the referee's communication during a game. They provide feedback and take learnings to other referees on our training nights."

PBRRA is currently waiting for the equipment, which is being fitted to meet their specific needs. "All referees will be then trained in the use and maintenance of the equipment. We will also train them how to use the equipment consistently on the field, " ends David.