New artificial sports turf for Tahuna School

New artificial sports turf for Tahuna School

NZCT has fully funded a new artificial sports turf for Tahuna School in Waikato. The $23,000 grant will provide a multisport area for the current roll of 95 students.

At present the school’s concrete court only has line markings for netball. The new artificial turf area will have different line markings for a variety of other sports including hockey, basketball, soccer, tennis and more. It will also be used for fitness, brain breaks and PE classes.

"It is very important to us to offer a variety of sports for our children,” says Debra-Lee Foster, Office Adminstrator at Tahuna School. “We want to provide as many opportunities as possible so they can experience different sports and find one that interest them.”

The new sports turf will bring a number of benefits for the school; promoting physical activity within pupils, creating an aesthetically enhanced environment and providing a safe area to play in that will reduce the risk of injury. It will also allow sport and physical activity to continue over the winter periods when grassed areas of the school are unusable.

“The funding from NZCT is very important to our school as we will be able to provide our students and community with an all-weather playing surface that looks appealing,” says Debra-Lee.

“Thank you to NZCT for giving us this grant for our children. We are looking forward to next year and completing this surface for our increasing roll.”