New all-weather tennis nets for Toko School

New all-weather tennis nets for Toko School

NZCT recently awarded Toko School $2,610 to buy new all-weather padder tennis nets.

Kim Waite is Principal of Toko School, a rural school with a role of 138 students. She says Toko School has a very supportive immediate and wider school community. "Our extensive school grounds and facilities are used on a regular basis, all year round, by many people in our community. NZCT's grant allows us to purchase three all-weather padder tennis nets. This equipment will be used by the school, but will also be available for the community to use in the weekends and school holidays." 

The new tennis nets have more benefits besides providing extra resources for the community. According to Kim, the new equipment will create leadership opportunities for the sports council. "Our intention as soon as the padder tennis nets arrive is for our sports council to set up an inter-house challenge across year groups within our school. The students will run this as part of a lunchtime programme."

"The Toko School Board of Trustees are grateful that we have opportunities to apply for extra funding from organisations such as NZCT. We appreciate the work they do in supporting schools. NZCT's grant enables us to purchase additional ‘icing on the cake’ type sporting equipment that we may not otherwise be able to afford out of the school’s operational grant, " ends Kim.