Major grant to resurface Tauranga Domain athletics track

Major grant to resurface Tauranga Domain athletics track

NZCT has contributed $191,681 to resurface the Tauranga Domain athletics track. The track has been in high local, regional and national use for 10 years. Now it has deteriorated to a point where it no longer meets performance or safety standards.

Ray Young is secretary at the Tauranga Millennium Track Trust. In 2000 the Trust was set up to raise funds for an all-weather synthetic athletic track. Thanks to various organisations and donations, the present Tauranga Domain athletics track was laid in 2007.

Ray says the track has had far greater use by a wide range of community groups than expected. As a result of this intense use, the track has been in urgent need of replacement. Ray said, “NZCT’s grant is very important in assisting to ensure the completion of the project. This will allow people to once again enjoy training and competing on a world-class facility. The present state of the track has led to many athletes and schools avoiding using it to some extent in recent years. This is because of the risk of injuries.”

Ray says resurfacing the track on the existing base is the cheapest option. “We use the funds to cover the costs of removing the existing athletics track. Afterwards we need to mill off the existing surface and replace it over the existing base. And finally marking the track to international athletic standards."

Resurfacing the Tauranga Domain athletics track is also important for the Tauranga City Council. It will allow Tauranga to continue to hold major athletics events, which will attract visitors to the city.