Greater sporting opportunities at Mosston Primary School

Greater sporting opportunities at Mosston Primary School

The ability to play basketball, netball and hockey all year round will now be possible thanks to a recent NZCT grant to the school.

The children at Mosston Primary love their sport. However, a lack of an all-weather sports turf meant the kids were coming back into class with wet feet and didn’t have the opportunity to play sports like hockey. The school community rallied together and started running raffles, discos, quiz nights and an outdoor movie night to raise funds for a new sports turf to be installed at the school.

Although enough was raised for the sports turf, there was no remaining funds to purchase basketball/netball hoops and hockey goals. “It was hard to raise the funds needed for such a big project but the community support was fantastic, “ says Mosston Primary School Trustee Kylie Harris. “But after reaching our financial target for the turf, we realised there were not enough funds for the hoops and goals.”

Kylie submitted a successful application to NZCT for $9,999 towards the purchase and installation of sports hoops and goals which enabled this worthwhile project to be completed. “We felt we were never going to get there,” says Kylie. “The NZCT grant has been awesome. I was ecstatic when I found out the application had been successful. Having the turf without the goals would have been hard for the kids and the community.”

The sports turf will be installed over the summer holidays and be ready for use at the start of Term 1 next year. The NZCT grant to Mosston Primary will enable the turf to be used to its full capacity and allow the 165 children at the school to learn targeted sports skills. “The grant will give our school better teaching and learning resources and encourage more children at the school to participate in sports. The turf will be such a positive environment for them to learn and enjoy,” says Kylie.

Kylie adds that the experience of applying for funding through NZCT was an extremely efficient experience which was easily understood. “The website was very intuitive and easy to navigate. The application process was laid out well and clearly communicated what was expected of us as an applicant. There was a quick turnaround between the application being submitted and the outcome notification. It was very fast which really helped.”

Thanks to the support of their community and funding from NZCT, the children of Mosston Primary School will be able to dream of being a Tall Black, Silver Fern or Black Stick.